Auto Body Repair and Painting in Eight Steps

Preparation is everything, especially when it comes to collision repair. To assure that the repaired and repainted surface of your vehicle will stand the test of time without flaking, peeling, or fading, Chatsworth Auto Body follows a proven eight step auto body repair and painting process. Unlike some of our competitors that rush through the prep process or cut corners, we are meticulous about doing it right the first time.


  1. Inspection: The repair process begins with a thorough examination of your vehicle. Our auto body technicians identify damage and decide the best and most cost-effective way to make the repairs.

  2. Repair: With your approval, our technicians make those necessary repairs to the body part before priming it.

  3. Priming: The next step is priming the repaired damage.

  4. Sanding: Once primer has been applied to the auto body part, it must be sanded or blocked.
    This involves taking fine sandpaper and water to eliminate any waves or imperfections on the repaired area and to create a flat, straight surface. This step ensures that the paint and clear coat applied later in the process correctly adhere to the surface of the panel and prevents the paint from peeling off in that area.

  5. Masking: When we re-paint a car panel there are always areas that we don’t want to spray. That’s when we apply paint resistant paper and tape to prevent any overspray from touching these areas.

  6. Color Matching: This can be a tricky process as many paint brand systems use different color matching procedures. Blending takes an accurate eye for color and a top of the line paint brand system. We have both. To make sure that the new paint color will match the remainder of your car, we use a blending technique during the spraying process. By entering the paint code on the vehicle into our mixing system, we can identify the toners that need to be added to achieve the perfect match. Small damage on one panel, if located 18 inches or more away from an adjacent panel can usually be blended to match the adjacent panels. However, if the bodywork is beyond the 18” mark, the adjacent panels must also be blended to present a uniform and flawless color match from panel to panel.

  7. Painting: Following color matching, we apply paint to the repaired surface of the car.

  8. Applying Clear Coat: Once the paint has had time to dry, we apply a top of the line clear coat which protects the color and luster of the paint.



Our Repair Turnaround Times


Our turnaround time on your repair is dependent on the type of vehicle you brought in and the extent of the damage to your car. Minor to moderate collision damage can have a turnaround time from two days to two weeks, while a full body paint job can take about a month. Some major collisions may take up to six weeks to complete.


If your car has been in a collision and you want to make it new again, contact Chatsworth Auto Body today for a quote. We are your neighborhood car repair shop! We accept all insurances. Plus, we never use aftermarket parts. All replaced parts are from the original equipment manufacturer.