Auto Accident Insurance Claims Are Much Less Complicated Than They Seem

You’ve recently been involved in a car accident and need body and paint work done to your car. But before you contact an auto body shop such as Chatsworth Auto Body, call your insurer or insurance agent and report the accident. Give them all the details, or as much of it as you have from the other driver, including their insurer, policy number and which body shop you want to use to repair your car.


Choosing a body shop is your choice as the consumer. Federal law mandates that you as the policyholder have the right to take your automobile to any licensed repair shop of your choice. Additionally, there is a steering law against any insurer using special wording to persuade and/or tell a consumer that they have to use the insurance company’s preferred body shop.


After your claim has been submitted, you may then drop off your car at the desired repair facility. Please Note: If your vehicle is non-drivable after an accident, have it towed to a location of your choice first. Insurance companies cannot dictate where the vehicle is towed following an accident. Once your car has arrived, using your claim information, we work hand-in-hand with the insurance company to properly complete the repairs. The insurance company will work with our shop to assess the damage of your car. From the moment you drop off your car, we handle everything from start to finish. No more hassles, no more headaches. You have peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of it all for you.


Once the vehicle repairs have been completed, we will notify your insurance company of the completion. Once that is done, you can pick up your vehicle in its fully-restored condition.


OEM vs. Aftermarket: Which is Better?


Many insurers claim the right to pay for and use aftermarket parts for repairs, depending on the age and mileage of the vehicle. Although we prefer using OEM parts, produced by the original equipment manufacturer and based on years of research and development, we will work with you and your insurer to complete the job to everyone’s satisfaction. Aftermarket parts are made by an outside company and are typically more economical, but, depending on the quality, may not be as dependable.


When aftermarket parts are requested, we make certain they are certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Unapproved parts may result in bad design and safety standards and may be hazardous in an accident. For example, a hood, if not appropriately constructed, can stay straight when hit and get sent right through the windshield, whereas a DOT approved, or OEM hood will fold and protect the passengers in the car, just as the vehicle manufacturers would have designed it to do.


The bottom line is that OEM parts fit your car because they were made especially for it through mass amounts of research and development. However, certified aftermarket parts can also work well and we just need to make sure they are DOT approved. Aftermarket parts can often be an economical way to save your car from a total loss on an insurance claim.


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