Paintless Dent Removal:
It’s Not Magic, But Skill and Technique

Some dents can be repaired without having to remove the panels from the vehicle or have the need to use any paint with a process called paintless dent removal.


Special dent pulling tools—a series of long, angled rods; slide hammers and special adaptors, allow our technicians to remove some dents like they were never there.


Dents can be pulled in one of two ways:


  • Finessing the dent out with pressure from behind a panel using a specific tool.
  • Pulling the dent out from the outside with the use of special adaptors that are glued to the dent area and are eased outward with a small slide hammer.


Whichever method is used, the dent is smoothed out even further with a light tapping method with the use of a (slide?) hammer.


What Types of Dents Qualify for This Process?


There are many varieties of dents and none are exactly the same. Not all dents can be removed with paintless dent removal. Those that can are typically round in contour and no larger than a silver dollar.


Elongated or creased dents are more difficult to remove with this process, although we have seen a few of these dents corrected with perfection using paintless dent techniques, but it is rare.


The paintless dent removal method works best with a dent that is on a flat surface (not on contour edges or body lines) and has not been repaired in the past with without any body filler, also known as Bondo.


The process itself is quick and usually will take between 15 minutes to an hour to complete a repair.


If you want to see if paintless dent removal will work for the dent in your car or truck, please contact us today.