Your One-Stop Shop for Vehicle Repair

Chatsworth Auto Body performs all types of vehicle restoration including body and paintwork, framework, paintless dent removal, wheel reconditioning, and will work with your insurance provider.


Body and Paint Work

This is the foundation of what we do as a business. Body and paintwork are what gives your vehicle the overall cosmetic look you desire.


Bodywork is the process in which dents are pulled out, straightened and finished to the vehicle panel contour. This process is achieved with metal straightening tools, sandpapers, special fillers, and primers. Once perfectly restored back to the surfaces original state, the vehicle is sent off to paint.


Paintwork is the major end stage in the repair process. After the primed surfaces have been prepped for refinished, the vehicle is put in our dustless down draft paint room. Here, we mask the car or truck off to ward off over-spray to the remainder of the original surfaces. Then, the vehicle will get its new skin of fresh paint on the repaired areas.


Frame Work

The frame of your vehicle is its foundation, and nothing will fit correctly if your frame isn’t straightened back to factory specifications. When in an accident, sometimes the frame, or inner structure can be bent. If not straightened correctly, your hood, headlights, and fenders, etc. will not line up, creating uneven gaps from panel to panel. In this situation, we use our frame machine, a large table the vehicle is fixed to, to your car’s frame, or structure back to its original location. Once this phase of the repair process is achieved, your new body panels can be applied. 


Paintless Dent Removal

Many small dents can be removed with paintless dent removal. This is an art of its own. Special rods or pulling tools are used for this process by an expert technician. The dents are massaged out and will be unnoticeable when the repair is completed. This is the most economical way to repair a dent if the damage is within a certain repair point.


Wheel Reconditioning

Yes, wheels can also be repaired! Mainly gouges, surface scuffs and scratches can be taken out and then repainted to match. Wheels are sent out to a wheel repair specialty shop and then returned to us to be re-applied to the vehicle. 



Dealing with insurance companies is our specialty! Once an insurance claim is made, we handle the rest and work hand in hand with your insurance company to make sure your vehicle is restored back to its pre-accident condition with lifetime-limited warranty. 


If your vehicle has been in an accident, needs some tender loving care or if you just want to speak to an autobody expert, contact Chatsworth Auto Body!