We Spruce Up Wheels: Dents, Dings and Cracks

Auto body repair encompasses more than body damage. We can help you repair or replace the wheels on your vehicle too. Many of our customers ask us the difference between “reconditioning” and “remanufacturing,” as both terms are used in the industry. The truth is they are the same process.


When a car, truck or van comes into our shop we inspect the wheels looking for cracks, dents, bends, or refinishing failure before we send it out to our trusted wheel repair shop. They then use special tools and equipment including lathes to make any necessary or requested repairs and can repaint the wheel to match the original color and patterns. Once repaired, it is then remounted and balanced with the original tire (if undamaged).


When Repairs Aren't Possible


Some wheels sustain damage that cannot be fixed, especially if the bead or side edge of the wheel is bent or cracked. In this case, a new wheel is provided. Insurance companies use similar guidelines.


If your wheels are dented, scratched or bent, and you aren’t sure if they need reconditioning or replacement, stop by Chatsworth Auto Body and speak to our autobody experts. We’ll provide you with a knowledgeable, honest opinion that will help you make a sound, educated decision. To find out more about the wheel services we offer, contact us today!